Customizing Your Wedding Ceremony - Create Your Own
Give some thought to the following aspects of your ceremony:

* Will you include any aspects of the religions or traditions you were born into, or would you prefer a non-denominational

Do you have a specific interest you wish to incorporate into your Wedding Ceremony?  
EXAMPLE:  Wedding on the Golf Course at the Country Club,  Snowmobile, Harley, Horseback, Classic Cars or Horse Drawn
Carriage!  Sunrise Wedding on the Beach.  Sunset Wedding at Beach, Apple Orchard, favorite Lake, Cabin, or do you prefer the
Traditional Church or Chapel Service?  Your possibilities are endless!

* Will you write and speak your own vows, or would you rather speak your vows in a "repeat-after-me" fashion, where the minister
leads your through them?

* Do you want family and friends involved, doing readings, poems or blessings, or partaking in the rituals, the processional and the

* Do you want just words and readings, or would you like rituals, such as:

Unity Sand Pouring Ceremony - This can include Bride and Groom only, Bride, Groom, and Parents, or Bride, Groom, their
Children with Grandparents.

Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony - Bride and Groom, or Bride, Groom, and Mothers or both Parents.

Rose Exchange Ceremony - Bride and Groom only.

Rose Presentation Ceremony - involving Mothers only or including, Stepmothers, Grandmothers, Fathers, Stepfathers, and

Wine Ceremony - Bride, Groom only, or including Parents.

There are so many options for creating the wedding of your dreams!

This is something we are able to guide you through and you make your wedding ceremony decisions.  We encourage you and
your fiancé to make it unique!  We are sensitive enough to understand not every Bride and Groom are the same.  No matter where
your ceremony takes place, we will create Your Wedding, Your  Way, at Your Location of Choice!  This is your Wedding Day!  You

If you want something extra special, so be it, after all it is YOUR DAY.  Remember it is not your Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts,
Friends, or Our Day, it belongs exclusively to YOU the
Bride & Groom!

We will work with you to design a ceremony of your dreams, including your favorite poem, song, verses, etc.

Lets talk about the wedding ceremony itself.  There are several parts, to consider, and the amount of choices you make will affect
the length of your ceremony, it could be a Simple (ten minutes), a Traditional (twenty to thirty minutes) or a Grand - Mass  (Thirty to
Sixty minutes).

The parts are as follows, the minimum state required parts are in
blue below:
  • Prelude Music
  • Seating of the Guests
  • Seating of the Mothers
  • Lighting of the Taper Candles by Mothers (If doing Unity Candle)
  • Processional
  • Introduction / Call to Worship
  • Opening Blessing / Invocation
  • Remembrance: honoring of the departed
  • Charge to Couple: Dearly beloved . . . . . .
  • Consent: Do you come here today of your own free will?
  • Giving of the Bride
  • Declaration of intent
  • Reading / Soloist
  • Vows
  • Ring Ceremony (Rings Please, Blessing and Exchange)
  • Unity: Candle, Sand, Rose Exchange & Presentation, or Family Blending
  • Declaration; Those whom God has joined together  . . . .
  • Closing Blessing / Benediction
  • Pronouncement: Husband and Wife . . . . . Congratulations . . . . .
  • Kiss
  • Presentation of Couple:  Mr and Mrs John Doe
  • Recessional
  • Dismissal of Guests
  • Receiving Line (Optional)
  • Photos and Signing of License
  • Reception
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